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Mixer Machine
In order to create concrete, a mixer machine homogeneously mixes cement, gravel, sand, and water. The material is mixed by rotating the drum. The mobile machine can create concrete in batches
Tiles Making Machine

Cement and concrete tiles of different shapes and sizes can be created using tiles making machine. The mixture can be created using a mixing pan, while the entrapped air from the concrete on the vibrating table.

Brick Making Machine

In the manufacture and production of fly ash bricks, which are uniformly shaped, smooth, light, strong, and pleasing in color, the fly ash brick making machine is used. The material utilized in the production process are fly ash, cement, gypsum, quicklime, and water.

Tiles Hardener

A tile hardener is a chemical added to the concrete mixture to improve the strength, minimize the setting time of tiles, and enhance their workability. The hardener chemical is supplied in bulk, packaged in large drums.

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